1. Why the partnership with New Horizons Foundation?
    theLAST is a 100% volunteer-based organization so none of the donation goes to our payroll. theLAST strategically partners with New Horizons Foundation who reserves 5% of every donation to cover their expenses, or 8% if the donation is given by credit card. This strategic partnership allows theLAST to have no paid staff and therefore wire all of the remaining 95% directly to the locals. The 5% that New Horizon Foundation receives covers all banking, independent auditing, legal, and admin costs in order to operate as a transparent and trustworthy 501c3 that provides tax deductions for all charitable donations.
  2. How do the locals use the money when they get it?
    Being embedded in the local context, the locals have an intimate understanding of the root causes of hardship for the children. Informed by this local area expertise, they will allocate funds in the maximally efficient way to address the specific issues at hand. Depending on the context, this could mean immediate alleviation of hardship through food, clean water, and health care, and in other scenarios will be used for investing in future prospering though education and sources of sustained income generation.